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Young Ambassadors
March 1, 2022

The Young Ambassadors Program is a youth program developed for aspiring leaders who want new challenges and valuable leadership experience. Through a competitive application process, 20 outstanding and motivated high school students are chosen to be the Young Ambassadors participants.

Throughout the school year, they participate in monthly seminars/workshops relating to principles of leadership. They learn about topics such as public speaking, debating, discussion techniques, networking, project management and career planning, and visit the offices of influential companies and organizations to learn more about leadership and how it applies to different careers.

There is also a mentoring component, where the Young Ambassadors are matched up with a Norwegian leader within their field of interest, allowing participants to gain valuable experience and guidance.

All in all, the Young Ambassadors Program is aimed to encourage the participants to attain their full potential, whether their paths lead them to careers in business, NGO-leadership, or governmental service to Norway.

The program is being organized by Norwegian youth who have participated in U.S. leadership institutes, and is closely supported by the Embassy, Google, FirstHouse, McKinsey and BA-HR.

Contact us for questions or more information:
/ 21 30 85 32

Or check out the Young Ambassadors website.