Many armed forces personnel are exempt from passport and visa requirements if they are:

Attached to NATO Allied Headquarters in the United States and are traveling on official business; or entering the United States under the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. When traveling in visa exempt status, such personnel generally enter the United States by military aircraft or naval vessel. Personnel traveling in visa exempt status must present their official military identification cards and NATO travel orders. We recommend that personnel traveling on a non-military aircraft or naval vessel apply for a visa.

The Office of Defense Cooperation will assist in the visa process. Active duty military members will apply for the NATO-2 visa, and civilians working directly for the military will apply for the NATO-4 visa.  An interview at the Embassy is not required and the visa application fee will be waived.

Family members that are traveling with or will join the principal applicant at a later date must have a valid NATO visa to enter the U.S.

Important note: When you have gathered all required documents, please send an email to The Office of Defense Cooperation at to schedule an appointment for delivering documents.