United States Air Force Brass Band Teaches Trøndelag Youth About Jazz

To celebrate the arrival of the F35 aircraft, the United States Air Force Brass Band Quintet visited Trondheim and Ørland. The brass quintet held a “Masterclass” for Byåsen Skole Musikkorps, where students got a great concert with famous tunes from among others Frost and Star Wars. After the concert, the Air Force band gave a thorough introduction to American Jazz, and together with the 85 students the brass quintet played a very convincing version of the famous jazz melody “When the Saints Go Marching In.” It became an exercise out of the ordinary for Byåsen Skolemusikkorps! The brass quintet also travelled to Ørland where they played their groovy repertoire to Ørland Ungdomsskole, Ørland Kultursenter and Ørland Flystasjon!

See photos from United States Air Force Brass Band Quintet’s tour of Trøndelag here: