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U.S. Citizen Services Fees
Effective May 30, 2023, Consular fees will change to the amounts below.


Service Price (USD) Price (NOK)
Passport services/renewal in person 165 1,898
Passport services/renewal by mail 130 1,495
Passport – children under 16 135 1,553
Passport card (first time applicants aged 16 and over) 65 748
Passport card (previous passport holders – adults) 30 345
Passport card (previous passport holders – minors under the age of 16) 15 173
Consular report of birth abroad 100 1150
Notarial services (price per notarial signature) 50 575
Renunciation of U.S. citizenship 2,350 27,025


Important Message: Please note that the embassy has a foreign payment system and therefore, if you wish to pay with a non-U.S. card, you should enable the international payments option before attending your appointment.