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Resources for Teachers and Students
March 1, 2022


Studying in the United States

For information on studying in the United States, check out our educational exchange page.

Resources for English Teachers

For English teachers, American English is the State Department’s website for English language teachers around the world. Teachers can sign up for our monthly newsletter, and we also hosts school classes through our Meet America program at the Embassy in Oslo.

 Fulbright Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers should be aware of the Fulbright Roving Scholar program, which sponsors American Studies seminars at elementary and upper secondary schools in Norway. They should also know about the American Studies Association of Norway, ASANOR,  which was created expressly for teachers of American Studies in Norway.

U.S. Electoral College – Free Simulation Exercises for University and High School Students in Norway

Established by the U.S. Constitution, the Electoral College is a critical but complex part of the democratic process used by Americans to elect the U.S. President and Vice-President.  To help Norwegian university and high school students better understand the role, history, and challenges of the Electoral College, the U.S. Embassy in Oslo partnered with the Norwegian Defence Research Institute (FFI) to develop an Electoral College Simulation Exercise for students. Through active role playing and discussion, professors and teachers can use this material to help their students gain insight into the Electoral College, the rationale behind it, how it has evolved, and its significance to American democracy.  This pedagogical tool is designed to help students reflect on how the electoral system relates to, affects, and is affected by democratic ideals and American society as a whole.  While this exercise is designed for students, it can be used by anyone interested in gaining a deeper insight into American democracy.

The U.S. Embassy-FFI Electoral College Simulation Exercise package is offered in both Norwegian and English and comes in two versions: one for high school students and one for university level students.  In each edition, students are appointed character positions as decision-makers and witnesses in a hypothetical Senate hearing on the future the U.S. electoral college. Each package includes materials tailored to the target educational levels.

Both versions include:

  • Detailed instructions for the exercise moderator (usually the professor or teacher);
  • A scenario;
  • Reading and background materials for participants;
  • An original video on the history of the Electoral College;
  • Descriptions of the characters the students will role-play (for example, a lawyer, a historian, a political party member, and more…).

If you are a Norwegian professor, teacher, or organizational leader who is interested using this role-play exercise with your students or with your organization to increase their understanding of the U.S. Electoral College, please email osloirc@state.gov.


Additional details:

U.S. Electoral College Simulation Exercise for University Students

Players: 9

Estimated game time:  1 hour to 1-2 days

Estimated reading:  Approximately 1 hour. Additional preparation time depends on the complexity chosen by the organizer.


U.S. Electoral College Simulation Exercise for High School Students

Players: 9

Estimated game time: 45 min to 1.5 hours.

Estimated reading time: Approximately 30 min.