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October 5, 2022

Report from our Women2Women Participant

We recently supported Isabella to participated in the empowering Women2Women program, a program that provide young female participants an educational opportunity to learn, network, and acquire leadership skills.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience in Boston:

“Women2Women International Leadership Program is based on the three words; educate, inspire, and lead.

During our time in Boston, I saw this slogan come to life every day. We experienced many exciting lectures about topics such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, imposter syndrome, finances, and women’s rights, as well as field trips to Salem, Faneuil Hall, and Harvard Square, to name a few.

Attending Women2Women has widened my horizon and helped me build a network of amazing young women from around the world, as well as inspiring staff members and speakers. Not only did we become a strong network, but also a supportive, loving, and empowering «family».

Throughout the amazing ten days in Boston, we also developed action plans. The action plan aims to create a project that will make a positive change in our home countries, either on a small or large scale. Considering my wonderful experience in Boston, I would like more young Norwegian women to have the same experience and opportunity. Therefore, my action plan is to create a Women2Women Norway, where young women can learn to unlock their fullest potential and lead with greatness.

Women2Women has made my spark even brighter, and I am excited to continue working on my action plan, as well as creating other projects that will make positive changes locally, nationally, and, hopefully, worldwide.

Thank you to the U.S. Embassy in Norway, which gave me this incredible opportunity!”

For more information about the Women2Women Program, visit Empower Peace – Women2Women.