Pre Solicitation Notice

The US Embassy, Oslo hereby provides the following Pre-Solicitation Notice regarding the issuance of a Request for Quotes (RFQ) for:
Packing and Moving of the US Embassy in Oslo from Henrik Ibsens Gate 48 to Morgedalsvegen 36.

The US Embassy, Oslo plans to issue a fixed price completion contract during the calendar year 2016.

The Contractor shall provide all necessary personnel, supervision, packing materials, moving supplies, equipment and vehicles to efficiently accomplish the Embassy’s office move.  Services will include planning, pick up and loading of property, transporting to the NEC, delivering property to the designated room(s), and positioning at the new location.  In addition, padding and packing/crating of certain items, disassembly and assembly of property, moving of bulky and heavy items will be required.

The completion of this project shall include all incidental related work and as described in the Statement of Work, accompanying drawings and specifications.

Companies interested in the solicitation should express their interest by written correspondence to , marking the subject line with “Packing & Moving NEC Oslo” not later than Wednesday, March 2, 2016, and MUST include the following information:  Name of Firm, Name, Telephone, Email Address of Point of Contact and Complete Physical and Mailing Address of Firm. DO NOT TELEPHONE.

A Pre-Proposal Conference/Site Visit) is being planned for March 10, 2016 at 0900. Interested companies must provide the names of attendees by March 8, 2016.

Firms shall be knowledgeable in written and spoken English and possess all appropriate permits and licenses to perform moving services in Norway.

By expressing interest in this project, you are acknowledging that your company is able to reach compliance with the following highlighted requirements included in the solicitation.

Business Licenses to Work in Norway: In accordance with DOSAR 652.242-73 AUTHORIZATION AND PERFORMANCE (AUG 1999), it will be necessary for your organization to possess authorization to operate and do business in Norway. Offeror shall be required to provide with its proposal:

  • a written assurance that the offeror has obtained authorization to operate and do business in Norway, or
  • a thorough description as to what steps the offeror has taken to investigate all requirements to obtain authorization to operate and do business in Norway, and
  • details of offeror’s findings and a description of what its organization will actually be required to undertake to obtain authorization to operate and do business in Norway, and
  • specific information concerning the period of time the offeror an ticipates it will take to obtain appropriate authorization. NOTE: Due to schedule constraints, the contractor must be in possession of authorization to operate and do business in Norway not later than 15 calendar days after award.

The solicitation will require evidence of a DUNS* number and SAM** registration, and potential offerors are encouraged to obtain the DUNS number and register in SAM as soon as possible. Unless otherwise exempted, the requirement to obtain a DUNS number and SAM registration is mandatory.

* Dunn and Bradstreet:
** System for Award Management:

When submitting a proposal, the failure to provide 1) information regarding authorization to operate and do business in Norway may result in the proposal being found technically unacceptable and removed from the competition without further discussions.

Solicitation and award will be subject to the laws and regulations of the United States of America. This requirement is being competed utilizing full and open competition procedures.

Any questions regarding the administration of this contract should be directed to
Contracting Office Address:
US Embassy Oslo
Henrik Ibsens Gate 48, Oslo, Norway
Place of Performance:
Oslo, Norway