New Embassy Video: “No official language?!”

To celebrate International Mother Language Day, U.S. Embassy Oslo made a video that envisions an America where people do not speak a common language and the complications that follow.

Just within the embassy community, twenty-five different languages are spoken (and this is not counting our IT person who insists he speaks Klingon.) The languages range from Icelandic to Farsi, from Tagalog to Cap Verdean, and illustrate the diversity of the Embassy, the United States and Norway.

Since we know you are curious, here is a list of the languages, in no particular order:

  1. Cap Verdean
  2. Italian
  3. Gaelic
  4. Bulgarian
  5. German
  6. Sordo (from Sardinia)
  7. Dutch
  8. Hungarian
  9. English
  10. Norwegian
  11. Portuguese
  12. Haitian Creole
  13. French
  14. Arabic
  15. Romanian
  16. Danish
  17. Icelandic
  18. Japanese
  19. Farsi
  20. Spanish
  21. Tagalog
  22. Polish
  23. Lithuanian
  24. Hindi
  25. Swedish

(There was no reason we put Swedish last.)