Nariman Hame takes part in 2017 BFTF youth program


Every year, the U.S. Embassy chooses one Norwegian youth, among many Norwegian youth applicants, to be the Norwegian participant in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship Summer Institute (BFTF). BFTF is a youth program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Department of State, and hosted by Wake Forest University. In BFTF, 55 young students, aged 16-18, representing 44 countries, come together to learn about topics such as diplomacy, media, science and volunteerism, as well as about each other’s cultures. This year’s Norwegian participant was Nariman Hame from Drammen.

“A life changing experience”

According to Nariman, the BFTF experience was “life changing” and included a Global Village event where each fellow presented his or her country, trips to Philadelphia and Washington D.C., living with an American family for ten days and a mini-graduation.

This is what Nariman says about leaving BFTF:

Leaving was without doubt one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. There was not a dry eye as we were leaving for the airport. Leaving Wake Forest. Leaving BFTF. Leaving behind “strangers” that so promptly had become family. And leaving the best month of your life. However, as cliché as it may sound, with every tear it meant something else. Every tear shed meant that this had been a meaningful month. It meant that we had spent every minute before that reveling in joy and happiness. It meant that for a month, we had lived.

See photos from Nariman’s BFTF experience here: