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March 1, 2022

Some of the journals and databases the IRC has access to:

Full Text News
  • Latin American Newsletters
  • Middle East Transcripts
  • NewspaperDirect (foreign newspapers)
  • Proquest Historical Newspapers
  • ProQuest Newspapers (Newstand)
Full Text Articles
  • EbscoHost
  • Gale Infotrac One File
  • HeinOnline
  • ProQuest Research Library
  • Associations Unlimited
  • Books in Print
  • Leadership Directories
  • Ulrichs Periodical Directory
  • World of Learning
  • Global Trade Atlas
  • International Financial Statistics
  • Stat-USA
  • United Nations Comtrade
  • United Nations Statistical Databases
  • Treaties and International Agreements (Oceana)
General Reference
  • Americans and the World
  • Biography Resource Center
  • Congressional Research Service Reports
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Janes On-Line Information Group
  • ProQuest Policy File
  • UN Common Database
Country Information
  • Armed Conflict Database
  • Columbia Gazetteer of the World
  • Constitutions of the World & Dependencies and Territories
  • Countrywatch
  • EIU Reports
  • Emerging Markets Online
  • Europa World Plus
  • International Crisis Group
  • World Powerbase
Declassified Government Documents
  • Digital National Security Archives
  • FOIA (Dept. of State)
  • Gale Declassified Documents

Databases A to Z

Americans and the World
Open Source
Comprehensive information on US public opinion on international issues. The site includes The Digest, which provides comprehensive analyses of polling on various international topics.

Armed Conflict Database
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Interactive source of information on armed conflicts worldwide

Associations Unlimited
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Information source for more than 460,000 international and national non-profit membership organizations in all fields.

Biography Resource Center
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Biographies and full text articles including Complete Marquis Who’s Who(R)

Books in Print
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Comprehensive database of world-wide English language book titles.

Columbia Gazetteer of the World
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Names, descriptions, and characteristics of over 165,000 places in the world 165,000 places in the world. not just place-names—and segment it.

Congressional Research Service Reports
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Includes access to Daily and Weekly Reports

Constitutions of the World & Dependencies and Territories
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
English translations of the constitutions of 192 nations and 144 territories and dependencies coupled with the relevant provisions that define the relationship between the state and dependency or territory. Oceana Publications, Inc.

Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Up to date information and news about countries of the world

Contact the Library
Online information retrieval system for multiple databases

Digital National Security Archives
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
ProQuest online access to formerly classified government documents

Dun & Bradstreet
Contact the Library
Business analysis tools and credit information

Multiple research databases providing full text retrieval

EIU Reports
Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports and Profiles now available through Open Sources

Emerging Markets Online
Business Monitor International country analysis

Encyclopedia Britannica
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Online, desktop access to the complete multi-volume set

Europa World Plus
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Political & Economic information on over 250 countries and territories worldwide, including regional reports

Contact the Library
Dow Jones & Reuters collection of global content and services including full text access to the Wall Street Journal

Contact the Library
Foreign Broadcasting Information Service. Personal Accounts are available to State Department employees at https://www.fbis.gov

FOIA (Dept. of State)
Direct Access

Gale Declassified Documents
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Online access to previously classified government documents

Gale Infotrac One File
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Source for news and full text periodicals titles

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Encyclopedias, alamanacs, and other specialized reference resources

Global Trade Atlas
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
International Trade Statistics

Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Image based and fully searchable historical legal documents.

International Crisis Group
Open Source
Country specific information through CirsisWatch Database, Crisis History Database, and the CrisisWatch Bulletin

International Financial Statistics
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
International Monetary Fund (IMF) international and domestic finance statistics

Janes On-Line Information Group
Intelligence and analysis on national and international defence issues

Latin American Newsletters
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
A leading source on economic and political information on Latin America.

Leadership Directories
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Also recognized as the Yellow books, and include Congressional, Federal, State, and many more.

Contact the Library
Information aggregator with multiple national and international news and legal sources

Middle East Transcripts
Direct Access (vis IP recognition)
Federal News Service

NewspaperDirect (foreign newspapers)
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Foreign and U.S. Press delivered in its original format

OCLC First Search
Contact the Library
Online access to more than 72 databases with full text and abstracting services

Proquest Historical Newspapers
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
100 years of Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times

ProQuest Newspapers (Newstand)
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Full text access to Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, and Christian Science Monitor

ProQuest Policy File
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
PolicyFile provides online access to public policy research and analysis from think tanks, university research programs, research organizations and publishers.

ProQuest Research Library
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Source for news and full text periodical titles

Direct Access (via IP recognition)
STAT-USA/Internet, (U.S. Department of Commerce) provides authoritative government information to the U.S. business, economic and trade community.

Treaties and International Agreements (Oceana)
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Over 13,000 treaties and international agreements, ratified and in the process of ratification

Ulrichs Periodical Directory
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Global source for journal, magazine, and serials publications information

UN Common Database
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Statistics databases from sources such as the Food and Agriculture Organization, International Monetary Fund, UN Population Division, OECD, UNESCO, World Bank, IMF, the World Health Organization, and others

United Nations Comtrade
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
UN’s commodity trade statistics database

United Nations Documents
Contact the Library
Access to the UN’s Online Document Delivery Service

United Nations Statistical Databases
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Selection of UN statistics including National Accounts

World of Learning
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Information and access to global institutions of higher education and learning and to the people who work within them

World Powerbase
Direct Access (via IP recognition)
Worldwide Government Directory – a product of CQ Press