Important notice to United States Citizens living in Norway

The United States Embassy in Oslo regrets to inform citizens in our consular district that we are no longer able to accept passport application fees by mail (as well as other consular services).

Due to an unexpected change in banking procedures, the Unites States Embassy in Oslo is no longer able to deposit bank checks (bankremisse) in person as required by our financial management regulations. Unfortunately, this means that we are prohibited from accepting payments of consular fees with a bankremisse, bank transfer, and Vipps. Payment must therefore be made in person at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo.

If you cannot come to the Embassy yourself, a friend or relative may come to the Embassy to make the payment for you. If you choose to have someone pay on your behalf, please schedule an appointment on our website in that person’s name. You may pay by credit card of cash (NOK or USD). The credit card must not be blocked for international transactions.

We are working to find an alternate solution that meets regulatory requirements. At this time, bank transfer is not an option. Nor are we permitted to accept credit cards, unless in person.

We realize that this is an inconvenience for our passport customers who qualify to submit application by mail. For those passport applications that were postmarked April 9 or before, we will be in contact with you directly if we are unable to process your payment.