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Former Ambassadors
March 1, 2022

2018-2020 Kenneth J. Braithwaite

2016-2017 Samuel D. Heins
A human rights lawyer and firm believer in peace and reconciliation.

2009-2013 Barry B. White
Promoted closer business, cultural, educational and sports ties with Norway.

2005-2009 Benson K. Whitney
Played a critical role in Norway on issues related to NATO and Afghanistan.

2002-2005 John D. Ong
A leading advocate for business involvement in civic and cultural activities.

2000-2001 Robin Chandler Duke
A leading spokesperson for international family planning and women’s reproductive rights.

1997-2000 David B. Hermelin
Gathered the leaders of the U.S., Israel and Palestine to eat kosher hot dogs.

1993-1997 Thomas A. Lofthus
Worked as a Special Advisor to Gro Harlem Bruntland at the WHO.

1989-1993 Loret Miller Ruppe
The longest-serving head of the Peace Corps.

1984-1989 Robert D. Stuart
Established a scholarship for up-and-coming Norwegian politicians to travel to the U.S.

1981-1984 Mark Evans Austad
A TV host and the son of Norwegian immigrants.

1979-1981 Sidney Anders Rand
Founded the Nobel Peace Prize Forum conference.

1977-1980 Louis A. Lerner
Probably the first Jimmy Carter supporter in Illinois.

1976-1977 William A. Anders
One of the first astronauts to reach the moon’s orbit.

1973-1976 Thomas R. Byrne
Worked in the foreign service for 20 years.

1969-1973 Philip K. Crowe
A diplomat, conservationist, adventurer and author.

1964-1969 Margaret Joy Tibbetts
Escorted Martin Luther King Jr. when he received his Nobel Peace Prize.

1961-1964 Clifton R. Wharton, Sr.
One of the first African-Americans to hold a professional position in the U.S. State Department.

1957-1961 Frances E. Willis
The first female career diplomat to become a full ambassador.

1953-1957 Lester Corrin Strong
A pioneering ART lover.

1946-1953 Charles Ulrick Bay
A Spy turned Ambassador.

1944-1946 Lithgow Osborne
Reopened the U.S Embassy in Oslo after WWII.

1937-1940 Florence Jaffray Harriman
First female Minister, who escaped Nazi capture.

1935-1937 1941-1942 1942-1944 Anthony J.D. Biddle, Jr.
Wartime Ambassador and an expert in close-quarters combat.

1930-1935 Hoffman Philip
Fought in the Spanish-American War.

1913-1921 Albert G. Schmedeman
Accepted a Nobel Peace Prize.

1911-1913; 1924-1930 Laurits S. Swenson
Sold the U.S. Virgin Islands.

1906-1911 Herbert H.D. Peirce
Peacemaker between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan.