Emerging Leaders 2016: Opportunity for Young Americans with an Interest in the Arctic

Emerging Leaders logoThe U.S. Embassy in Oslo, together with the Arctic Frontiers Secretariat, is excited to announce a unique opportunity for young U.S. citizens with a professional interest in the Arctic to learn more about the region. The annual Arctic Frontiers conference brings academia, government and business together to create a firmer foundation for decision-making and sustainable economic development in the Arctic. The conference takes place in the Norwegian city of Tromsø on January 20-26, 2015.

Arctic Frontiers’ Emerging Leaders program invites young representatives of academia, business and the public sector to meet with leaders to discuss future development in the High North. Selected candidates will participate in a blend of technical, social and cultural events, accompanied by mentors. The program starts in the city of Bodø, then continues onboard the coastal express boat Hurtigruten and ends in Tromsø. The content of the program is linked to the Arctic Frontiers 2016 conference topic “Industry and Environment.”

The Arctic Frontiers Secretariat has agreed to reserve up to two slots in Emerging Leaders for U.S. citizens who are doctoral students, post-docs, or young professionals with a long-term interest in, and professional aspirations related to, the Arctic. The U.S. Embassy will select the participants and offer stipends of up to $4,000 to cover participation/travel. In return we ask that you participate enthusiastically, learn from the experience, and apply your experience to future work focused on the Arctic. Any way to maximize the exposure of your experience will be encouraged.

Applicants must:

  • Be a current doctoral student, post-doc, or young professional working related to the Arctic,
  • Be an American citizen under born in 1981 or later, and possess (or obtain) a valid American passport,
  • Have excellent academic performance and demonstrated potential for future work on the Arctic,
  • Be available to travel to Norway from January 20-26, 2016.

How to apply: