Defense Cooperation

The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) Norway is responsible to the U.S. Ambassador and the Commander, U.S. European Command, for administering U.S. Security Cooperation and Defense Cooperation in Armaments Programs, and defense logistics activities with Norway.

The primary constituency of ODC-Norway includes U.S. Department of Defense personnel, Norwegian Ministry of Defense staff, Norwegian Chief of Defense staff, the Norwegian National Defense Logistics Organization, U.S. defense vendors, and Norwegian defense-related industries wishing to participate in cooperative programs in order to gain access to the market. Specific areas in which the ODC may provide assistance include:

  • National and defense decision-making process
  • Defense procurement regulations and policies
  • Defense budget and procurement plans
  • Defense industries and product lines
  • Points of contact for specific procurement programs
  • Coordination with other U.S. Embassy offices
  • Industrial cooperation requirements
  • Bilateral logistics agreements
  • Data Exchange Agreements
  • Foreign Comparative Testing programs

Security Cooperation

Security Cooperation includes Foreign Military Sales (FMS) of U.S. defense equipment, training, and related services. Such transfers are carried out under the principle that if they are essential to the security and economic well-being of friendly foreign governments, they are equally vital to the security and economic well being of the United States.

Defense Cooperation in Armaments

Defense Cooperation in Armaments includes support for bilateral government-to-government cooperative programs such as the Joint Strike Fighter Program Sustainment and Follow-on Development, the F-16 Multinational Fighter Program, numerous Data Exchange Agreements, Foreign Comparative Testing, Engineer & Scientist Exchanges, and support to U.S. defense industries seeking to do business in Norway.

Logistics Planning

Logistics planning includes coordinating bilateral mutual logistics support agreements, which provide the U.S. and Norway flexible and responsive logistics support during peacetime and war.  Key programs include the Marine Corps Pre-Positioning – Norway (MCPP-N) and Collocated Operating Bases (COB).

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