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Birth Abroad – Checklist
December 5, 2023

CRBA Checklist

Please see this checklist for a list of items that you will need to bring to your appointment. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to OsloACS@state.gov


⬜ Consular Report of Birth Application (DS-2029)
  • Click here to fill out the CRBA application online.  If you are unable to use the online application, please fill out Form DS-2029. (PDF 62 KB) Do not sign until you get to the Embassy.  If your appointment is in less than 72 hours, please complete the DS-2029 paper version.


⬜ Birth Certificate with Stamp and Signature for the Child
  • Original birth certificate with stamp and signature for the child – issued by the Norwegian Folkeregister/Skatteetaten, showing the parent’s and child’s full names; original and three copies. Children born in Norway after May 3rd, 2019, will no longer automatically be issued a birth certificate, parents will have to request it.


⬜ Original Marriage Ceritificate
  • Original marriage certificate; original and one copy.


⬜ Prior Marriage and Divorce Documents for Parents
  • Prior marriage and divorce documents for parents; original and one copy.


⬜ U.S. Citizen Parent’s Valid U.S. Passport.
  • U.S. citizen parent’s valid U.S. passport. Non-U.S. citizen parent may use driver’s license or passport; original and and 3 copies of each ID.


⬜ Application Fee
  • Cash or credit card to pay the fee. Social security application is free.


⬜ Proof of Physical Presence for the American Parent. 
  • Proof of physical presence for the American parent. School transcripts, proof of employment, or any other document that shows that you were physically in the U.S. long enough to transmit your citizenship to your child. Generally, 5 years or 60 months. Special circumstances can apply. See list below for more examples.


⬜ One Large Unpadded Envelope
  • Large unpadded envelope with stamps for NOK 300. Please note that we are only able to send with registered mail to addresses in Norway.


When you have all of the required listed above, please book an appointment.


Examples of Physical Presence Documentation:

Some examples of documentary evidence which may be considered to demonstrate that physical presence requirements have been met may include (but are not limited to):

  • Wage and tax statements (W-2)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Employment records
  • Rental receipts
  • Records of honorable U.S. military service, employment with U.S. Government or certain intergovernmental international organizations; or as a dependent, unmarried child and member of the household of a parent in such service or employment (except where indicated)
  • U.S. passport stamps may be considered a part of the evidence submitted, but should not be the sole documentary evidence. Drivers’ licenses do not constitute evidence of physical presence

If you have other children who have been issued with a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, this may be considered as supplemental evidence. Please also read important information regarding Supporting Documents.