Call for entries: Fulbright Article of the Year 2014

award recipient
Last year’s award ceremony. From left: Fulbright Alumni Association of Norway’s leader Anners Lerdal, winner Thomas Hegghammer and Committee leader Niels Nagelhus Schia.

The Fulbright Norway Article of the Year is awarded annually for the best peer reviewed article written by a Fulbright alumnus. Last year Thomas Hegghammer was given the award for his article (PDF 141 KB – Get Adobe Reader) “Should I stay or should I go? Explaining variation in Western jihadists choice between domestic and foreign fighting”. The article was published in the prestigious journal American Political Science Review (APSR).

The winner of this year’s award will receive a diploma together with NOK 50,000 during a ceremony at the annual Fulbright Norway meeting in June 2015.

Call for entries

The author of the winning article will be invited to the reception at the Nobel Institute for the 2015-16 Norwegian Fulbright grantees on June 9, 2015, where the Article of the Year 2014 award will be presented by the Fulbright Alumni Association of Norway.


  • The article must be published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • The work must have been published in 2014 (by copyright date)
  • Competition is limited to alumni of the Norwegian Fulbright program, ie. Norwegians who have studied/conducted research in the United States on a Fulbright grant


  • The award is made annually on the basis of nominations by individuals, publishers and peers
  • Submissions should include a brief abstract of the article, less than 200 words
  • Nominators (including publishers) are limited to one submission
  • The published version of the article should be attached as a PDF document to the email nomination
  • Submissions can be made by email through March 20, 2015, to
  • The winner will be notified in May 2015
  • The winner will be invited to hold an informal presentation for the alumni association