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June 23, 2023

Ambassador Nathanson Presents Award to Norwegian Personnel for Critical Support during Kabul Evacuation

Oslo, Norway

June 23, 2023

U.S. Ambassador to Norway Marc Nathanson on June 23 presented the Ambassador’s Award to members of the Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Medical Service (FSAN) and the Norwegian Special Forces (FSK) for superb service during the evacuation of Afghanistan in August 2021.

Major General Joar Eidheim, Chief of the Norwegian Special Operations Command, and FSAN Commander Rune Rimstad, received the award on behalf of the Norwegian personnel.

During the extraordinarily challenging evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport, FSAN personnel provided first-rate medical care to Allies, Americans, and Afghans at great risk to themselves.  At the same time, FSK personnel operated side by side with U.S. forces, enabling the evacuation operation to proceed safely.

Ambassador Nathanson said, “We are especially thankful for the critical, life-saving care Norwegian FSAN personnel provided in the aftermath of the horrific Abbey Gate bombing on 26 August.  Although at least 182 people, including 13 Americans, lost their lives in the attack, the immediate and consummately professional response by the Norwegian medical forces saved countless others.”

“In images taken during the evacuation, it is impossible to distinguish which soldiers are Americans and which soldiers are Norwegians.  Our forces operate seamlessly together in support of our common beliefs, goals, and hopes.  Other images from the airport in Kabul show the Norwegian and American flags flying together, surrounded by dozens of bare flagpoles.  That symbolizes for me the real and lasting bonds between our nations.”

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