Ambassador Braithwaite Presents Awards to CEO of Norwegian Bjørn Kjos and NTNU Students

On June 28, 2018, at the U.S. Embassy’s annual Independence Day Celebration at the Ambassador’s Residence in Oslo, U.S. Ambassador to Norway Kenneth J. Braithwaite presented the newly established Ambassador’s Award to Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO Bjørn Kjos. A group of NTNU students received the Ambassador’s Young Eagles Award for their project to remove plastics from rivers before they reach the ocean.

Strengthening Ties One Passenger at the Time

Mr. Bjørn Kjos was awarded the 2018 Ambassador’s Award in recognition of his work to strengthen the ties between Norway and the United States, one passenger and one airplane at the time. As the founder and CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, he has played a key role in connecting the peoples of the United States and Norway and growing our two economies.

“The distance between the United States and Norway is now shorter than ever, due to the rapidly expanding flight network, increasing hubs, and additional U.S. destinations.  In addition to the people-to-people connections enabled by Norwegian Air Shuttle, Bjørn Kjos and Norwegian Air Shuttle have invested in a large number of new U.S.-manufactured Boeing aircraft, including signing the largest service agreement in Boeing’s history. Norwegian Air Shuttle has also created jobs by stationing a large number of pilots and long-haul cabin crews in the United States,” said Ambassador Braithwaite.

Young Eagles Award to NTNU Students Fighting Marine Plastic Pollution

The recipients of the Ambassador’s 2018 Young Eagles Award were Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) students Emilie Dahl, Jonas Hopsdal, Ingeborg Lie Monsås, Fredrik Samdal Solberg and Sindre Sætre Hammerlund. It was awarded in recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit and technological creativity in seeking a solution to marine plastic pollution.  The group’s award-winning project of removing plastics from rivers has received a great deal of attention nationally.  “With the Young Eagles Award, we are recognizing the sustainable innovation and technological accomplishments of this group of talented NTNU students. The United States shares the global concerns regarding marine debris, micro plastics, and the growing stream of mismanaged solid waste, and is committed to lead action to address these issues bilaterally and in international fora,” said Ambassador Braithwaite.