Ambassador Braithwaite Lays Wreath at 22 July Memorial

In commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, Ambassador Braithwaite laid a wreath at the 22 July Memorial in Oslo to solemnly remember and honor those who lost their lives in these tragedies, and to reflect upon how the lives of many others were changed forever.

“Today, we commemorate the victims of the attacks on our two nations. Norway and the United States are forever linked by the scars we endure as a result of those tragic events. We will never undo the pain and injustice borne those terrible days, and as such we will never forget those we lost. As we come together to honor the victims today, we also recall how these terrorist attacks brought out a renewed spirit of unity and patriotism among our respective nations. I hope and trust we will forever reflect upon those memories to keep us ever vigilant in protecting and embracing the freedoms both Our Great Nations enjoy.”

Ambassador Kenneth J. Braithwaite

Ambassador Braithwaite was there with Lisbeth Røyneland, the leader of the July 22 support group. The memorial consists of a wall with all the victims’ names and ages, as well as a “floor” of glass.